5 Smartphones with Best Selfie Camera

A few years back, most smartphones had a nice rear camera but a dreadful front camera. What is the use of a great rear camera when most of the time you want to take selfies? Fortunately, smartphone manufacturers have realized this, and now most smartphones have quality selfie cameras. While choosing a smartphone with the intention to take a lot of selfies, remember that this is not only about megapixel. The quality of a camera is more than just that. Following are the five smartphones with best selfie cameras.

Best Selfie Camera
Vivo V5s

Vivo might not be a very famous brand, but it has a certain following and is known by its extraordinary specs. Vivo V5s features a 20 MP front-facing selfie camera. You don’t find many smartphones with 20 MP selfie cameras in the market. In addition to 20 megapixels, it features 5P lens and f/2.0 aperture. Its wide angle allows packing many people and a wide background.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

Launched in 2016 in China, Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro features a 16 MP selfie camera. It has f/1.9 aperture which helps brighten selfies.

Vivo V5 Plus

Seems that Vivo has taken the selfie lovers very seriously. Its Vivo V5 Plus features 20 MP and 8 MP dual front selfie camera. If you want to take a great selfie with the background blurred, then this is the best selfie camera smartphone you can get.

Sony Xperia XA Ultra

Sony Xperia XA Ultra is the first Sony smartphone that comes with image stabilization for the front camera. It features 16 MP front selfie camera, and the OIS technology helps to reduce the blur due to shaking movements.

Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro

One of the best selfie cameras, Zenfone 4 features 24 MP and 5mp dual front camera. Its DuoPixel settings take two 12 MP images and combine them into one 24 MP image.