Reach Communication

Ever stuck in an emergency situation trying to call someone near to you but unfortunately, you don’t get to hear the other end possibly because of them being asleep or they kept their phone on silent. If yes, then I can imagine how frustrating it would’ve been for you. These kind of situations are unforeseen and can come at any time, but for the future, you should not be worried.

We came up with a lifesaving idea to create Reach. It is something that will solve your said problem and will let you connect with your loved ones at any bad event, whether it is an accident or an emergency, Reach will make sure that the other end connects and not let you suffer.


Reach is an app that has been planned and designed really well. The main idea behind Reach is to help people who are stuck in emergencies to connect with their close people at the right time. Reach is an app that allows you to save contacts of your close ones and verify them, now when you’ll call those contacts there is no chance that they won’t pick up the phone, keeping in mind, Reach utilizes all the components of the smartphone including camera, display, GPS, speakers and flashlight to make them attend the phone. Obviously, until they have the phone near them.

There are third-party applications and some smartphones that come with emergency dialing feature but why reach? The smartphones that come with the emergency dial feature are different and each phone has different settings so that is not really practical as not everyone owns the same smartphone, and as far as third party apps are concerned they don’t utilize the full potential to make the receiver attend the call.

Benefits of Reach:

Reach has an absolutely amazing user interface, the Reach team has spent days designing the User Interface such that it is easy to use and is self-explanatory to everyone so that people from all age limits can use it.

Reach makes the overall experience quick as the user interface is the same on all platforms.

Reach not only saves you from stress but also adds a lifeline in your hands so that you can utilize whenever the need arrives.

Reach is cross-platform, it works on all smartphones in which you can download an app

Reach is a great application to have on your smartphone as it solves a major problem without asking for a lot.


How Does Reach Works?

Reach works in a few easy steps, first of all, you download and install the app on your smartphone, create an account and register yourself. In the second step, you add all your loved ones and near ones, who you may want to contact while in trouble, after adding verify those contacts and then you are good to go. Now if we talk about how Reach wakes up the other person, It does it by bypassing the default call receiving function and utilizing almost all the components of the smartphone to somehow alert the emergency contact to pick up the phone. This alert thing works in phases, at first it doesn’t start the alarm off, it starts slowly with a simple beep multiple times for a few seconds, and then it moves onto added alert sounds with a display message on screen showing that the caller needs your help and from there you can request for the access of GPS coordinates of the caller as well. If the emergency contact still doesn’t pick up the phone call, the app starts to increase the volume over time and makes it unbearable at a stage, which results in informing the emergency contact, for some reason, if the emergency contact still doesn’t pick up, the app adds an alarm to the beeping sound whose volume also increases with time. The screen starts to flicker like a strobe light and the flashlight of the phone starts to blink. All of this is done to gain the attention of emergency contact even if they are in a deep sleep.

Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow, so without any delay download and install Reach to add an extra insurance layer that will not only make you feel secure but will also relieve stress.

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