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How Does an Electric Scooter Work?

Electric scooters are a convenient way to get around, but how do they work? Electric scooters use an electric motor, battery, throttle and brake controls, and a power switch to move. The user stands on the platform of the electric scooter and accelerates or decelerates with the throttle control. The electric motor is powered by

Kugoo Electric Scooters: Why Do People Prefer Them?

KUGOO is a company that specializes in electric scooters. It was founded in 2015 by a team of creative experts who saw the negative impact that traditional automobiles were having on the environment. They decided to create an electric scooter that would be more environmentally friendly and helpful for people who needed to commute in

What to Look for in an Electric Scooter?

This is your first time buying an electric scooter online and you don’t know what to consider, right? No fuss, this blog post has got you covered. We are going to highlight the main things that you should consider when buying an elector scooter. Giving the following points some thoughts may be of help to

Facebook Infinite Office tries to sell the idea of VR productivity

Virtual reality has always carried the stigma of being more of an entertainment-centric technology. With Facebook at the helm of one of the two biggest VR platforms today, that identity seems to get even more cemented, just with a dash of social networking on top. At Facebook Connect, what was previously and lovingly called Oculus

How to Prepare Your Hookah

There goes a step by step how to prepare your Hookah to enjoy that session with your friends! Parts of a Hookah Rosh Dish Stem / Body Rubber (Rosh, Hose and Vase) Vase Hose Make sure you have all these pieces before you begin the preparation of your Herbal Molasse Montreal. Cleaning the Hookah The

5 Cool Movie-Themed Car Gadgets

Why use boring car gadgets when you can have interesting and technologically advanced movie-themed gadgets? A gadget that does what it is supposed to do – but with a twist – is an entertainment for you and anyone who travels in your car. Following is a list of cool car gadgets that will keep you