What You Can Share On Facebook

Just have made a Facebook account and don’t know what you can share with your friends and family members? No fuss, it’s not a rocket science, instead everyone with little tech knowledge can comprehend everything. Facebook is one of the most popular and biggest social networking platforms, allowing you to connect with your family members, friends and co-workers.

What You Can Share On Facebook

Types of sharing

Pictures – If you have some photos you want to share on Facebook, you can post your photos by using Publisher, which you can find by clicking on ‘Home’ and ‘Profile’ links. In the Publisher box, you see the option to upload pictures. You can upload several photos at once to make a Photo Album and share it with your selected people.

Location – Sharing your location on Facebook is very easy and requires only a few clicks to post your location. You can choose your exact location from the list of surrounding areas.

Links – If you want to share a link of your website, blog or any interesting stuff, you can share it too. All you need is to paste your link into the Publisher box and you’re done. It may be anything such as YouTube Videos and more.

Status – You might have seen people updating their status such as Going to New York, Eating Pizza, Watching Movie etc. It’s a short text post your followers and friends can share, read and comment on. When you post your status, it’ll show on your followers or friends’ News Feeds, as well as on your timeline.

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