What is Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide? Everything You Need to Know

Reaction bonded silicon carbide, aka siliconized silicon carbide or SiSiC, is a silicon-metal-infiltrated ceramic produced by a chemical reaction between graphite and porous carbon. The infiltration provides the material with a unique combination of thermal, electrical, and mechanical properties that can be adjusted to the application.

Reaction bonded silicon carbide

The characteristics that set reaction bonded silicon carbide ceramic apart from other materials include but are not limited to high strength, thermal shock resistance, oxidization resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature tolerance, wear resistance, extreme hardness, low-coefficient of thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity,  creep resistance under hot temperature settings, etc.

In most cases, reaction bonded silicon carbide (RBSC) is manufactured using the formulations containing an organic plasticizer, silicon carbide, and carbon particles. This combination is ideally suited to near-net-formation by injection molding, pressing, or extruding. Silicon carbide comes in two forms: sintered and reaction bonded. Both materials are hard and have high thermal conductivity. This is why silicon carbide is widely used in rotary seal and bearing applications where enhanced conductivity and hardness go a long way toward improving bearing and seal performance.

Reaction bonded silicon carbide is known for having good properties at higher temperature settings and can be utilized in refractory applications. It offers good abrasive and erosion resistance. So it can be used in a number of applications such as shot blast nozzles, spray nozzles, and cyclone components.

What is Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide

 Products that can be made with reaction bonded silicon carbide 

There’re a variety of products that can be made from reaction bonded silicon carbide, including rollers, beams, thermal couple protection tubes, cooling pipes, sealing parts, temperature measuring parts, heat exchanger, burner, radiation pipes, burner nozzles, saggers and batts, desulphurization nozzles, special linings, cones, double direction nozzles, eblows, furnace tubes, liquid column nozzles, cantilevers paddles, spiral nozzles, cross beams, and more.

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