How to Prepare Your Hookah

There goes a step by step how to prepare your Hookah to enjoy that session with your friends!

Parts of a Hookah

Stem / Body
Rubber (Rosh, Hose and Vase)

Make sure you have all these pieces before you begin the preparation of your Herbal Molasse Montreal.

How to Prepare Your Hookah

Cleaning the Hookah

The first step before any session should be to clean your hookah. It’s not enough to just wash your hands with water, remember, thorough cleaning can make all the difference.

Rub your rosh to remove those scum residues you may have left over from the last session, if the Hookah Hoses Montreal is washable, wipe it off and allow it to dry. We recommend cleaning brush for Stem, to perform a good cleaning in the central pipe of the hookah, where it accumulates a lot of dirt. If the vial is very dirty, it can be left with sanitary water for one or two days, after which it rinses well with running water.

Water in the pot

Although the water level varies according to your stem and pot, it is best if you fill with water until it covers a finger of the stem. A great option for summer and for you that regardless of the season enjoy a cooler smoke, is to put ice in the water, but greatly reduces the taste of the essence.

Rubber, body, dish and hose

Once every part of Hookah Montreal is clean and the vase has water, it is time to return the pieces to their places. Put the rubber that holds the body fixed in the vessel, remembering that the rubber should be suitable for your vessel / body, if the rubber is inappropriate, you will not be able to smoke because you will not have pressure and when you force the body to try to fit it will break your pot, ruining your session.

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