The Use of Mild Steel Enclosure for Industrial Electrical Panels

The electrical composition of an industry is very complex, since there are many machines, equipment and automation systems that must work with the necessary electrical voltage and that is why industrial electrical panels are deployed due to their high capacity to store all commands that control the automation systems in one place. This also makes the environment more secure.


Technical information on industrial electric panels

The implementation of industrial mild steel enclosure for electrical panels can include low voltage general switchgear, motor power and control panels, air conditioning power and control panels, power and pump control panels, lighting distribution and control panels, capacitor bank automatic and fixed, power and distribution control panels, as well as special panels with pre-determined functions.

The industrial electrical panels can also be mounted on request. In this modality, the customer chooses specifications such as necessary components, sheet technique, breaking capacity and color, among others. The industrial electrical panels must meet the standards regulators.

Mild steel enclosure for industrial electric panels – Advantages 

Electrical panels are designed in an industry to offer, among other advantages:

  • The industrial electrical panels make safer electrical installations against bad weather that may occur;
  • They are able to centralize several functions in one place, which facilitates all the action of electrical control and automation of the company;
  • The industrial electrical panels are assembled by specialized companies that guarantee the quality of service;
  • Investing in this type of electrical panel brings advantages in the short, medium and long term.

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