Saeid Jamali Aims to Revolutionize the Health Care Industry through Artificial Intelligence

Saeid Jamali is a 28-year old entrepreneur who is committed to taking the healthcare industry to the next level with its one-a-of-a-kind project, intellithing. Saeid devised intellithing in 2017 while attending Manchester Metropolitan University. The product has been in development for four years with a team of seven. He is not only well known for his Al-powered smartwatch app, but also for writing a book titled ‘’Big Data.’’

Saeid Jamali

The potential uses of Saeid’s technology within the healthcare sector have already been identified. He is currently in negotiations with investors to raise $150,000 to begin marketing his product. inteillithing is the world’s first Al-powered smartwatch app that can analyze your body’s performance in real time. The app is compatible with device running iOS and Android.

Saied is a skilled entrepreneur, who has a passion for creating innovative things. For the past 5 years he’s been developing cutting-edge technologies in the field of IoT and big data at his own company, which specializes in networking and web services as well as IoT and big data technologies.

What Inspired Saeid to Develop Intellithing?

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