PowerState – The Ultimate Wired and Wireless Option for Apple iPhone, Watch and iPad

We live in a fast-paced world, and we want every device we need on a daily basis to match up with that speed. We do not want to take a trip only for the battery to read 0% and we miss to caption those memorable moments of our lives.

We do not want Apple phones that are charged the whole night, and we wake up to a faulty battery that requires replacement.


Even the simplest gadgets like the chargers should be up to the game- charging fast and maintaining the quality of the battery. What about a charger that steps a notch higher to allow USB charging, fast charging, and watch charging all at the same station?

That would sound incredible, and to some, too good to be true.

But yes, Kickstarter starts such a charger that would serve and appeal to both millennials and older generations.

The PowerState is a charging station that will amaze you with the quality of features it offers you to allow seamless operation of your smart devices.

Read on for insightful and incredible charging solution now within your reach.


Key Features

  1. All in one Charging Dock – The PowerState charging station utilizes the latest wireless core technology and cutting edge functionality and design. This makes sure that you can find one spot to charge your major Apple devices.
  2. C94 Apple MFi Certified Chip – This is an incredible feature as it ensures the fast charging of your devices. This eliminates the need to leave your devices charging overnight, preserves your battery and enhances your convenience.
  3. Body made from anodized precision extrude aircraft-grade Aluminum- this adds to the absolute ruggedness of the PowerState, enhances its beauty, and also exceptional durability. With this body, you will use the multi-device for many years before requiring a replacement. Isn’t that incredibly amazing? Yes, that is what it means to get value for your money.
  4. Verified Apple Certifications – We all know that Apple leads when it comes to offering its clients quality devices. For the PowerState to be Apple certified, it means that the quality is unquestionable. In essence, the guarantee is there, and the device offers what it states to provide. Isn’t that an incredible motivation or even reason to invest in PowerState?
  5. Environmental Parameters – the recommended operating humidity is between 10 percent to 70 percent RH while the storage humidity is 10 percent to 80 percent RH. The storage temperature is 200C to 800C, while the operating temperature stands at 0 to 400 The power supply input is 100 to 240 V, 50-60Hz.


What are the Pros of PowerState?

  • Convenience – you can choose whether to have wired or wireless charging of your Apple devices charged. This liberty is something most smart devices desires.
  • Multi-devices charging – You can charge your iPad, phone and watch all at the same time
  • Fast Charging – You need a fraction of the average charging time. In fact, you’ll forget about overnight charging.
  • Exceptional durability is guaranteed – Apple Certification
  • The body offers utter ruggedness

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