Locked or Dark Screen – Fix Phone Screen in North Miami Beach

If you have locked or dark screen of your smartphone then look for check out the repair options before going to authorized Fix Phone Screen shop.

Fix Phone Screen options in North Miami Beach

Try turning off and on the device again.


Yes:  Some apps may have give rise to the errors. If this happens regularly, note whether it’s linked with the installation of any particular app or function.

No:  Go to the next step.

Try adjusting the brightness (even with the screen off). Turn on the device >> let the screen go dark >> Press and release the ON key >> at the top of the screen, drag down (as if you would see a notification >> one finger away from the top of the screen, drag from left to right and see if the screen turns on.

Locked or Dark Screen - Fix Phone Screen in North Miami Beach

Screen lit up?

Yes:  Possibly the adaptive brightness function was enabled and the screen with the minimum brightness. Go to Menu or swipe up >> Settings >> Display >> disable adaptive brightness

No:  Go to Step 3

Let’s try a reboot. Press the power key for half a minute. (This procedure will not remove any data on the device)

Did the phone call normally?

Yes:  Sometimes, it happens due to some application.

No:  Go to the next step.

Haven’t unlocked yet? Hold the power button and the volume button down.

Did a menu appear?

Yes:  Use the volume down button to select “Start” and press the power button to confirm, if you do not find this option select “Normal power up”. The appliance should turn on. This may have been due to some application crash when the device was under load. Rest assured that this can happen, but often it is minimal.

No:  Unfortunately you will not be able to solve it yourself. Seek technical assistance.