Dell PowerEdge T630 Delivers Performance, Versatility & Availability for Small & Medium Businesses

The Dell PowerEdge T630 is designed to handle demanding workloads of small and medium businesses. It’s the part of the cutting-edge 13th generation of PowerEdge servers that are known for its versatile functionality and greatest reliability. See Also: Best Horizontal PC Cases


The T630 SNST630MLK18 comes equipped with a flexible two-socket tower server construction to deliver optimum performance and results. The powerful server supports up to 50% more hard drives than its predecessors. It’s the perfect choice for remote businesses running messaging and mail, medical imaging, desktop and server virtualization, and cost-effective graphical rendering. Supporting 18 x 3.5″ or 32 x 2.5″ hard drives, the PowerEdge T630 can keep more mailboxes of greater sizes, which can go a long way toward lowering your cost per mailbox.

Its flexible storage configurations provide you with an ability to meet demanding workload requirements, while sufficient storage space allows for economical, in-server expansion. Users can manage and monitor it from anywhere, anytime. Users can manage systems from their laptop and smartphone, and this is what makes it stand out from the rest in the market. Connect your phone to OpenManage Mobile app to securely keep tabs on remote systems.

Users have the option to use a USB memory stick for uploading configurations files for iDRAC, LAN, PERC, BIOS on motherboard and network interface card.

Whether fitted as a rack-mounted or tower server, the T630 is always ready to drive your exacting workloads into the future. With its scalable and powerful performance, library-quiet acoustics and Fresh Air 2.0 compliance, the server has the ability to accelerate a variety of demanding workloads.

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