Best LED Devices in the Market

LED devices are devices that are used to achieve light therapy treatment. These devices are usually massive and used only by doctors offices but in recent years few companies developed handheld devices that can be used in the comfort of your home by yourself. This means that you do not have to book some expensive spa appointment or an appointment with your dermatologist in order to enjoy the benefits of light therapy treatment. These devices come in different light options which are specified for different types of treatments. There are, however, a variety of brands in the market which could make it difficult to make a decision. Here we have selected the best brands for your pleasure.


Little Starlite Light Therapy LED Face Mask

This device is a mask which is worn over the face when activated; the UV free non-heated LED photons get to work on the skin by smoothing out wrinkles, lumpy skin, and fine lines. This mask also works on regulating oily skin as well as blemishes. This technology provides you with a 3 light colour system. All you need is about 15 – 30 minutes a day of using this mask to experience its maximum benefits.

Space Touch Neptune

Neptune is a handheld infra-red with blue LED light and Cell Freeze technology. This device, when activated and placed against the skin, produces antibacterial properties which destroy bacteria that are embedded deep within the pores and follicle. It also helps to regulate the natural production of oil on the skin and improves the clarity of the skin as well as improving congestion on skins that are prone to breakouts. Neptune can be found at

Pure Daily Care Luma Skin Therapy Facial skin Treatment

This device is actually a 4-in-1 device and can be used for a number of skin treatments from anti-aging, to the treatment of acne, and even firming of the skin. This device possess a wave penetration technology that helps to retain moisture in your skin even while you are undergoing treatment. The device has an LED display function which helps you to choose and customize whatever treatment you want to receive.

Space Touch Jupiter

I saved my favorite to be last! Jupiter Has 2 modes and functions in one device. In fact it is the only device in the world that offers, Thermal therapy and Freezing technology in one easy to use device. It is like having a Boing 777 and a speed boat inside a pen.That’s how advanced this device is. Jupiter has infra-red and red LED light system which uses Thermal technology. This device helps to boost the increase of the production of elastin and collagen in the skin, thereby helping to reduce fine lines and stimulate the blood circulation and lymphatic of the skin. It also helps to improve the texture and the tone of the skin, thereby restoring the natural radiance of the skin.  Learn more at

The above mentioned LED devices are some of the best that you can find in the market today. They are all FDA approved and are absolutely proven to help in the specific skin treatments that you require.

When choosing your LED device, you would want to be sure to check for the type of light that it uses, this is because the different lights have different levels of skin penetration and are best for different treatments. You would also want to check the number of LEDs the device has as this would mean that you could get more than one treatment.