AI Video Features

Creating an excellent professional video is no longer a hectic task, thanks to AI Video. There is no more need for actors, microphones, and cameras, saving your many resources; hence it is very cost-effective. It also saves your time and brain, as you don’t have to go through the long process of hiring a huge staff. 

The trusted AI sites like AI STUDIOS offer you the easiest way to create a video precisely according to your needs.

Al Studios

Some key points of AI Video:

 It offers some excellent features like:

TTV (Text To Video) features allow you to make a perfect video by simply typing text. 

TTS(Text To Speak) features enable you to make fast video voiceovers directly using your script. 

AI Avatar options allow you to select a model, avatar of your own choice that suits your script best.

Synthetic AI Video can be easily exported wherever you want to.

AI Generator for subtitles allows automatic generation in addition to manual editing.

Key Points of Best AI Providers Like AI STUDIOS:

The video can be created in four languages, i.e., English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. 

There are eleven AI human models that you can use as default.

It is commercially accessible, and promotional videos can be created right away without any need for film, cast, or edit models. 

It offers excellent editing functions such as setting video background, adding subtitles, etc. 

The AI STUDIOS is one of the popular AI Video generators that has been in the eyes of various forms of the press like Yahoo! Finance, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street journal.

Their services offer more AI models and smoother movements. Moreover, it has won an Innovation Award at CES 2022. SO if you want the most reliable and cost-saving source to generate AI video Try AI STUDIOS Now, there is no other better option for you.