911 Alert App

911 alert app is a newly designed smartphone app that will send texts instantly to 10 designated contacts when you dial 9-1-1 from your phone. You can add emergency contacts into it and they will be notifies about your current location and it will allow others to communicate through a chat feature. In 2018, the inventor of the app Steven Vandyke family suffered two emergencies. One has lost life and the second one survived.  That’s why he designed this app to save the lives of others.

If we are in an emergency and we have to call our family members we will call them one by one but this app helps to just dial 911 and your ten added contacts will receive your location and can help you out quickly.


What are the benefits 911 Alert app?

It has lots of benefits. Which are listed below:

  • Reduces worries
  • Your kids can move more independently
  • Available at a reasonable price like just $5/yr.
  • Provide peace of mind
  • Safety is increased
  • It helps in saving time and lives
  • You can reach hospitals in no time to join your loved ones
  • Better and increased communication between family members
  • Information on a consistent basis.

Features of the 911 Alert app

  • It has reach up to 10 approved contacts
  • Pricing is low just $5/yr. or you can take life time subscription
  • Location tracking when you are in emergency
  • Ideal for those who live in different cities or live alone
  • You will move towards hospital sooner
  • You will feel to be more prepared

This app is basically designed for emergency purpose. Parents who have young children and the person who is under threat from the third party. This silent form of communication will help to save your lives as well.

It is ideal for those

  • Ones who are living alone
  • Who works alone
  • Especially for women
  • Parents and children
  • Families living in different cities.

How this app is different from others?

Sometimes a person in emergency in incapable to contact with family members. This is the app that will help you simply have to make a call to emergency number 911 and your family members will be notified and reached there where ever you are. This app has a connection between 9-1-1 and your chosen contacts. When a call is made your ten contacts will instantly receive a text.

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What does it offer?

911 Alert app allows you the ease of following functions

  • 10 people are notified through texts
  • It offers group chat which will results in good communication
  • Location tracking when you are in an emergency
  • Call to 9-1-1 is dialed after just 3 seconds when you press the call button
  • Low in price and affordable

If your relatives or a family member are out of the city or your kids are living in hostels, and you want to take care of them by sitting at your homes, then don’t wait. If you really cares for your loved ones, be quick and buy this app. Saves lives save time because lives are more important than money. 911 ALERT APP is offering you these features so don’t wait and buy it immediately.