Technologies for Monitoring Cargo Overseas Transport

In a simple and direct way, the logistic monitoring is the solution that ensures, in real time, more control over the movements of goods.

Logistic monitoring for express delivery documents (รับ ส่ง เอกสาร ด่วน, which is the term in Thai) has become one of the most important arms of transportation, especially because it provides a number of benefits, such as increased customer satisfaction, safety and cost savings, among others.

Technologies for Monitoring Cargo Overseas Transport

For the benefits to be really experienced, some technologies must be present to optimize logistics. See what they are:

Load scroller

Establishing the most efficient routes for transportation, based on the infrastructure conditions and traffic of the highway can save a lot of time and resources of the company. This is the function of the loader.

The system allows you to create travel schedules, optimizing journeys as much as possible, setting not only the shortest routes, but also the ones that are more economical and safer.

Fleet tracker

The tracking of the fleet is one of the unfolding of the monitoring, but much simpler. The tracker is the equipment that acts showing the current position of vehicles and loads. Through radiofrequency or GPS signals, the system offers more security and control for both the transportation company and its customers.

Locking screens

Locking screens are manual or automatic mechanisms used to block access to the vehicle’s cargo compartment. This makes it difficult for criminals to act, because as soon as the threat is identified, the driver can give the command to the block, or it can be triggered automatically if access to the load is forced.

Monitoring with drones

This is a trend for the next few years, but it already has some applications. The use of drones mainly serves to ensure more safety when loading and unloading the goods. The device can easily monitor the environment and identify threats.