Key Features of Spyzee – A Cell Phone Spy App

This cell phone spy app has several features. Some of features of Spyzee are:

– Spy email remotely: this is a very interesting feature for companies, as they can ensure that their employees do not disclose confidential information to competitors or for personal purposes. All mailboxes are compatible, be it a professional email mailbox or, for example, Gmail, Outlook or Hotmail.

Phone Spy App

– Locate the phone remotely: with the location of the GPS, you can get the position by the meter near the phone that is being eavesdropping. There is an option available that informs immediately if the phone is outside the perimeter you have chosen. This option is very useful, for example, if you place a spyware on your child’s phone and should not leave your home or neighborhood.

– Activate the microphone remotely: this function allows you to activate the microphone to listen to a physical conversation or to know where the person is currently thanks to the noises that surround it.

– Block incoming numbers: it is possible to block the phone numbers on the phone that is being eavesdropped to prevent you from receiving unwanted calls.

– Block applications: you can block applications remotely, which will have the power to prevent your child from going to social networks, for example.

– Retrieve photos and videos remotely: thanks to this feature you will have the possibility to recover photos and videos saved in the phone.

– Remote control: apply a remote control of the phone. For example, you can delete the data from the phone, reset the phone. A feature that is quite useful in case you lose your phone.

– Keylogger: this feature helps to record anything written on the keyboard. All keystrokes will be stored in a text file and sent to the administration panel. It can be useful in any case because it is the most efficient way to recover account passwords.