Garage Door Panel Damaged or Cracked? Learn How to Easily Replace a Single Section

Has a panel on your garage door developed a crack or become damaged? Replacing just one section of a garage door is an easy DIY project you can do yourself to fix the problem without replacing the entire door. However, if your garage door’s springs are broken, you should rely on the services of a professional garage door spring repair expert.

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Identifying the Garage Door Panel Problem

The first step is to identify which panel needs to be replaced. Inspect each section of your garage door from top to bottom to locate any panels that are cracked, broken, or not sitting flush with the surrounding sections. Pay close attention to panels near the bottom of the door, as these take the most abuse from vehicles entering and exiting the garage.

Removing the Old Panel

Once you’ve identified the problem panel, it’s time to remove it. Starting with the panels above and below the one you’re replacing, disengage each vertical metal track bracket by loosening the bolts. Then lift the section directly above the problem panel off its tracks and set it aside.

Installing the New Panel

With the old panel removed, place the new replacement panel in its place on the tracks. Make sure the vertical tracks are engaged properly in the brackets on both sides. From above, lower the section you had removed back into place, locking it to the new panel below. Tighten all bolts securely.

I hope this blog post provided helpful information on identifying and replacing a single damaged garage door panel. Let us know if you have any other questions!


What type of panel do I need?

Measure the width and height of your existing panels to ensure the replacement matches exactly. 18″ x 7′ is a common residential size.

How do I realign the tracks if they’re bent?

Use a mallet or hammer to gently tap the tracks back into proper alignment if they’ve been bent out of shape over time.