Android Games You Must Try

There are thousands upon thousands of Android games on Google Play. It is virtually impossible to choose the best Android games. So, the following list does not try to choose the best games. It contains few games that every game lover should try and see if they find it irresistible.
Android games
The Banner Saga ($9.99)

The Banner Saga is a tactical strategy game. It has seen much popularity on PCs and is now available for Android. Through a mythic and gorgeous world, you will lead a party of Vikings.

Monument Valley ($4)

Monument Valley is a puzzle Android game, and it is deeply rewarding, lovely, and strange. You have to accomplish a mission in a place called Monument Valley with your Princess Ida. The makers of this game have paid attention to every detail that makes this game spectacular.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out (Free)

This is a brilliant and satirical game. It has massive events that re-skin the inhabitants of this game.

Knights of Pen & Paper ($5)

This is an old-school retro pixel graphics game where you play the actual game as well as its pen-and-paper experience.

Space Marshals ($5)

This is a tactical top-down shooting game with a considerably stealth component that separates it from its competitors.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery ($5)

It is a strange, sad, and beautiful Android game about a warrior, who is on a mysterious quest. This game features pixelated art style, and it has an amazing soundtrack.

Raptide GP ($3)

If you like high-end graphics games, you would certainly like it. it is about a racing hero who wants to reclaim his former glory by competing against other racers.


This game has a captivating music. It is a combat game with cartoonish style characters. It is now free on Play Store and a must play for adventure game lovers.