Altibase – A Great Alternative to Oracle TimesTen and Other In-Memory Databases

Altibase is an open source ACID compliant relational database management system that has a number of advantages over Oracle TimesTen and other in-memory database management systems. It’s gaining steam among world’s leading companies and organizations, thanks to its cost-effectiveness and unique design. Big players like Samsung Electronics and China Mobile have already adopted Altibase solutions to meet the growing demands in evolving industry landscape. 

In-Memory Databases

When compared with Oracle TimesTen, Altibase provides more stability and data durability in situations like system failures. Unlike other in-memory databases, it does a great job dealing with complex queries. Another thing that sets it apart from its competitors is that it offers various communication channels to optimize performance.

Altibase’s IPC-DA is way better and safer than Oracle TimesTen’s DA that accesses database directly and is more susceptible to corruption. However, both Oracle TimesTen’s DA and Altibase’s IPC-DA work similarly in allowing applications to directly read and write data to the shared memory. 

Over the course of two decades, the team at Altibase has served many enterprise clients and businesses all over the world. They are very committed to offering you all-inclusive in-memory database solutions that can meet your growing demands. 

Here’s what they say about their database solutions and services:

‘’Altibase is the only in-memory database provider in the world to offer absolute ACID compliance with a rich set of features and extensive ecosystem. Altibase now has the richest installation base in the world with over 650 global enterprise clients and thousands of mission critical deployments. Its reference customers include 8 Fortune Global 500 companies. Our mission is to cut through, clarify, and capture the essence of business: its clients’ happiness.’’

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