3 Most Reliable Crypto Signals Providers in 2021

If you ever try googling something like “5 best ways to get rich”, crypto trading is definitely going to be listed there. The surge in bitcoin prices has rekindled the fire of enthusiasm among the new entrants. However, beginners always need a guiding hand to pull off profitable trades. Crypto signals are doing the job quite efficiently since they came into existence. Following are a few signal providers which can be relied upon for your crypto trading decisions.

crypto signals

  1. Fat Pig Signals: Its unique name is as popular as it’s funny. It is more of a market veteran with a lot of experience in crypto trading under its belt. It provides its services through telegram groups and covers all the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, etc. Like all other popular signal providers, Fat Pig Signals also has a free telegram group apart from the paid ones. In the free group, only a select few important market updates along with a few signals are provided to the subscribers. This enables the subscribers to test out the signal quality before moving on to the paid group. Their VIP channel provides far more regular updates and signals. It is a far smoother experience. VIP members also get 24*7 support, making it useful for anyone trading from any corner of the world. The discussions happening in the channels are always full of great education and humor at the same time. And that makes Fat Pig Signals a fun, profitable, and completely reliable crypto signals provider.
  2. MyCryptoParadise: This name is not unheard of when it comes to crypto trading. MyCryptoParadise might look like a new entrant in the race but the team working behind the scenes has been doing profitable crypto trading for years now. They have telegram groups to give out their signals, and their website lists out all the features and services being offered by them. They have a free subscription plan which one can use to get familiar with MyCryptoParadise. Their VIP Plan is somewhat more professional and profitable. The best part about them is that they are not going for crazy profits risking all the money of their subscribers. Rather, they try making a decent amount of profit for you, at minimal risk. Their support team is very friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable. Apart from that, if you get a VIP subscription, then you have a 24*7 personal coaches available at your service. So, if you find yourself stuck at something, there is always someone who’s got your back. It supports copy trading as well as social trading. With all the features that this group provides, with minimal risk and easy to use interface, it doesn’t get better than this.
  3. Crypto Papa: This signals provider provides their signals only through telegram groups. The thing that stands out about this signals provider is not just its high accuracy but the way it has been achieved. In Crypto Papa, they have a team of crypto traders and ex-developers from Facebook. So, the predictions being generated are not given by any trader sitting on his desk and doing every last bit of the calculation. The signals provided by this group are generated by an artificial intelligence program that has been developed and trained very sophisticatedly by the team. This provides it with higher accuracy as a machine doesn’t lose attention or make mistakes. It provides its subscribers with up to 3 signals a day. They also believe in educating the newbies and thus are always ready to guide those who have just taken their first step in their crypto trading journey. They provide signals for Binance spot trading, OKEx, Kraken, and Coinbase and support automation as well.