3 Mobile Accessories for Music Lovers

Mobile phones have replaced a number of gadgets, and one of them is your music player. Now, mobile phones have a decent sound quality, decent enough to replace your music player. With increased storage and availability of music streaming services, music lovers can enjoy music without owning and carrying a separate music player. To truly replace your music player, however, you should have few accessories. Following are the three mobile accessories that will make your mobile phone sound like an expensive music player.

Decent Headphones

Mobile AccessoriesMany people swear that they have not heard better sound than an iPhone with its stock headphones. They might be telling the truth; but then, not everybody can distinguish great sound from mediocre one.
A decent music headphone is the best investment you can make to have a better sound quality. In-ear headphones are most popular choice nowadays. They usually cost less than their over the head counterparts and are more comfortable to wear. SoundMagic, Sennheiser, Shure, and Klipsch are some of the quality manufacturers of audiophile headphones.
An External DAC

Mobile Accessories
Most music lovers would be happy with a mobile phone and a quality headphone. Audiophiles, however, might need more mobile accessories. To give a real treat to your ears, use an external DAC (digital to audio converter), especially if you want to use big over the ear headphones. There are many DACs available in the market, and many of them are small enough to carry. AudioQuest DragonFly is one of such mobile accessories, which is small and has excellent reviews.
A Power Bank

Mobile AccessoriesYou wouldn’t like your battery to die while listening to your favorite music. A power bank will make sure that you enjoy your favorite music without killing your battery. Choose a power bank with sufficient charging capacity to last a couple of recharges for your mobile phone.